Goran Borojević


- Goran Borojević -

Can I help you tell a story?

Who am I?

  • During the day, I’m crafting stories that sell ideas, products and services.
  • At night, I’m a tech-creative enthusiast immersed in multimedia production, from theatre directing to website building.
  • Taking joy 24/7 being a father and a husband.

What do you need?

  • A person that can listen, analyse and synthesize.
  • Someone who can take responsibility and provide purposeful solutions.
  • Skilled and accountable multimedia creator.
  • Visual storyteller.
  • That’s me! 

How does it start?

  • Browse through my portfolio and contact me.
  • Tell me the stories you need to amplify. I’m listening.
  • We’ll explore who your audience is and clarify your goals.
  • I will propose solutions, accept your feedback and provide a final product or service.

Website design

I create modern, responsive, and functional websites and webshops.

Aerial Photography

Need a bird-eye perspective? Drop me a line, I’ll grab my drone and fly to the location.

Every step is a (photo) opportunity

Wherever you go, there you are! But don’t forget to take your camera with you! I never do.

Video storytelling, made simple.

Whatever idea you have, whatever story you want to tell, we can work together and turn it into a video. 

Blink & Click!

Some sights are unforgettable…
Capture your best moments and future generations will remember your memories. 

Working with Passion

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called STRESS.
Working hard for something we love is called PASSION.
Simon Sinek

Theatre as my teacher.

My first appearance on stage was on Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the age of 5. Ever since then I’ve been learning about and from theatre.
Recently, I’ve started using theatre for educating others.
The recent performance “Magic Drop” was played in front of thousands of schoolchildren in Croatia and abroad.
The importance of taking care of our planet was emphasized through a story about Oskar, a scientist living 100 years in the future. His evil twin brother sent him back to our present while he misuses the remaining resources. Children from the audience help Oskar return to a better future.
The moral of the story is: Only by acting now, can we save our future. The play and its visual storytelling left a strong impression on both, the children and their teachers.

Meet Hrvoje, a character from our most recent educational performance Magic Drop for primary school children. (When on stage, Hrvoje appears from future, on a transparent screen as a hologram in front of the main actor. The other video effects are behind the actor).

My Journey

I grew up in the family of artists and made my first baby steps on a theatre stage. Ever since then, I’m fascinated by the interaction of nature and art. Creating out of something I found next to me, an old piece of metal, bent mirror, gingerbread man mould, made me realise that every problem can create freedom.

Life doesn't come with instructions

"The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice." I choose to learn something new every day.

Yes, I can help you tell your story!

I am happy to work with you on any project involving (creative) communication. Below is a summary of where I can jump in.



Web Design

Graphic Design

Digital Publishing

Selling (Ideas)